The Orlando Indie Game Fest

The Orlando Indie Game Fest 2013

The Orlando Indie Game Fest

RSVP for the next annual Orlando Indie Game Fest HERE asap as we filled up quick last time. We always have a great time meeting up with the Orlando Video Game Companies and catching up with old friends at the Orlando Indie Game Fest and MegaCon Video Game party. The Player1 Video Game Bar was a great venue for the last event. The place filled up quick and we had a blast seeing all the cool games and projects going on around the Orlando area. The highlights for us were the people we met, their stories, and watching everyone really getting into our games. All the Orlando Indie Video Game companies, local gamers, folks from Full Sail and surrounding areas were great to talk to.


Zen Pathz at the Orlando Indie Fest 2013

At the first Orlando Indie Game Fest, new video games, hardware, and protoypes were demoed, including some still unannounced games and projects (no photos of a lot of stuff – sorry), Zen Pathz, RollPosition2, Ascendant, Telemon, PROTAL: CUBED, Nightmarry, Corgi Caper, and others. Limn Interactive held a Zen Pathz tournament and gave out prizes. Headbang ‘n Buttonmash also came out and put a nice interview video together with music by Orlando rock duo Yogurt Smoothness.


Ascendant and Zen Pathz at the Orlando Indie Game Fest 2013

If you are interested in showing a portfolio, games, or anything else you are working on, sponsoring, or getting involved in future events, let us know. Sign up for the next Indie Game Fest HERE before it fills up. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  Join our Email List.

2013 Denver Indie Video Game Party, Denver Playstation4 Launch Party and Denver Xbox1 Launch Party

We just opened a few more spots for next Saturday Nov 23 for the
2013 DENVER INDIE VIDEO GAMES PARTY which was filled to capacity.
RSVP if you would like to come – before they are gone HERE

If you signed up and you can’t make it, please let us know asap so
we can open your spot for someone else.

Hope everyone enjoyed the Denver Playstation4 Launch party. Find us at the Denver Xbox1 Launch Party next.

Thanks to everyone including all the great developers and fans for coming out to the 2013 Orlando Indie Games Fest. We are already planning our 2014 events and looking forward to all the new games.

We are currently targeting PC, PS4, and Xbox1. Don’t miss your chance to play the Zen Paths Game (Zen Pathz) this holiday season and get a sneak peak at our next game.