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Come see Colorado video games under development including some of
the best Denver Indie Games at upcoming EVENTS.  Compete in a
ZEN PATHz tournament or other Colorado eSports tournaments.  See
Colorado Virtual Reality Oculus Rift, HTC Vive projects, Playstation4 (Ps4), 
Colorado XboxOne, Nintendo Switch, Android, or other game development.
Play casual games or in a Denver eSports competition at one of the
2019 Denver Video Games EVENTS.  More 2019 Denver Indie Games Expo
and Denver e-Sports event info can be found on our TWITTER and FACEBOOK
pages.  Visit our STORE HERE.


You can RSVP HERE for our 2019 EVENTS before they fill up.


ZEN PATHz ESports tournament finals at Clutch Gaming Arena.

ZEN PATHz ESports tournament qualifiers at GameFEST.


MegaCon panel on ZEN PATHz, E-Sports, and indie game development.